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Artylac top gel 50 ml


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Persistent finishing coating without residual stickiness for gel polishes and modeling materials (acrylic, gel). It has an ultra bright shine.

A long-lasting finishing coat without residual tack for gel varnishes and modeling materials (acrylic, gel). Has an ultra bright sheen. Provides a self-leveling effect with a comfortable consistency for a finishing coat in manicure. It contains a UV filter, due to which, when worn, the coating (white and other light shades) retains its original color, does not change under the influence of sunlight and does not turn yellow. The top perfectly keeps all layers of the coating intact due to its good adhesion. As a result, it ensures the wear of the manicure for a longer period.

Work technology:
1. Artex artylac top gel is applied in a thin layer on a colored coating, you can perform additional leveling of the nail plate.
2. Polymerization of the material is possible in 3 types of Led, Ccfl lamps – 60 sec. and UV – 120 sec.

Scope: used as a finishing coat in manicure.

Mode of application:
1. Perform a manicure, push back the cuticle, treat the nail plate with a soft buff.
2. Degrease the nail plate with the special FRESHNER “Profi Liquid” (deep action dihydrate).
3. Apply BOND PRIMER Acid-Free Primer as needed over the entire nail plate or the free edge of the nail.
4. Apply a suitable base to align the nail plate.
5. Polymerization depending on recommendations.
6. Apply a colored finish.
7. Polymerization depending on recommendations.
8. Apply ARTYLAC TOP GEL in a thin layer. If necessary, re-align the nail plate.
9. Polymerization in Ccfl lamp 60 sec, UV 120 sec.
N ote: If the coating becomes cloudy and scratches during wear, rub it against any soft fabric surface and the original shine will return.

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