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Corrector rubber 15 мл


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Rabber corrector is a thick, elastic, self-leveling, rubber base for gel polish.

Corrector rubber – thick, elastic, self-leveling, rubber base for gel polish.
The rubber corrector has a strengthening effect – it fills in all cracks and irregularities in the nail plate. This product is a strong and pliable material that does not chip or flake off when used correctly. It is used for working with thin and brittle nails and nails with obvious irregularities. Suitable for soft short nails and other types. It is used to align and create the architecture of the nail plate, due to its density, you can work with trampoline-shaped nails. Also, due to its properties, it can be used in pedicure.

Work technology:
1. Artex corrector rubber is applied with alignment of the nail plate. In a pedicure, a thin layer is applied.
2. Polymerization of the material is possible in 3 types of Led, Ccfl lamps – 60 sec. and UV – 120 sec.
3. For sensitive nails, in order to avoid strong heating of the material during application with leveling, the lamp power must be reduced by 24 watts – 90 seconds.

Scope: it is used for working with thin and brittle nails and nails with obvious irregularities, also suitable for other types of nails.

Mode of application:
1. Perform a manicure, push back the cuticle, treat the nail plate with a soft buff.
2. Degrease the nail plate with the special FRESHNER “Profi Liquid” (deep action dihydrate).
3. Apply BOND PRIMER Acid-Free Primer as needed over the entire nail plate or the free edge of the nail.
4. Apply CORRECTOR RUBBER smoothing the nail plate.
5. Polymerization in Ccfl lamp 60 sec, UV 120 sec.
6. Then you can proceed with the color coating.

Note: To eliminate possible detachments, intermediate polymerization of the material for 10-30 seconds. (curing time depending on consistency). In your work, use the conveyor method (while you cover one nail, the other is polymerized in the lamp). Final polymerization in a Ccfl lamp 60 sec. For long and square-shaped nails, we recommend using a hard or semi-rigid base.

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