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Hard gel camouflage 059 50ml


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ARTEX Make Up camouflage gel – used for building nails of any length and shape. Suitable for hand-drawn and lay-out jacket, as well as under gel polish. Self-levelling, medium viscosity, comfortable to work with. Elastic, compresses well and holds the arch, the gel structure makes sawdust easy and fast. Well camouflages the nail plate, hides its defects and shortcomings. Thanks to its texture and universal shade, it gives a smooth transition in the cuticle area.

Work technology: ARTEX Make Up Gel requires a base coat. It is laid out in several layers, depending on the length of the nail. Scope of application: it is used for building nails of any length under a painted and folding jacket, under a gel polish coating, and is also suitable for lengthening and strengthening the nail bed.

Mode of application: Get a manicure.

Buff the nail plate with a file, remove the glossy layer.

Degrease the nail plate with the special FRESHNER “Profi Liquid”.

Apply primer to the nail.

Apply a thin layer of BASE GEL, if the nail plate is thin, you can apply the ARTYLAC CORRECTOR RUBBER rubber base, cure with a Ccfl lamp for 60 seconds.

On the free edge, if necessary, substitute the shape, then give it the necessary bend.

Put the gel on the form. Model a nail. Curing in Ccfl lamp 60 sec., UV 120 sec.

After the material has completely dried, remove the forms.

File the material if necessary.

File the sides of the nail and then shape the free edge.

Next, you can proceed to the color coating.

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