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Hexagons Pixel Silver Hologram


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Hexagons mix is a crumbly decor consisting of small and large colored hexagons with iridescent overflow and a mixture of sequins.

How to use:
Perform a manicure with a color coating.
Apply a thin layer of ARTYLAC RUBBER TOP (thick design top) or HORRECTOR RUBBER base and put hexagons in the intended pattern on a non-polymerized layer, drowning them a little.
Polymerization in Ccfl lamp 60 sec., UV 120 sec.
Apply another layer of top with nail plate alignment.
Polymerization in LED and Ccfl lamp 60 sec., UV 120 sec.
Another way to overlap:
1st layer: cover the hexagons first with a transparent rubber base that worked.
2nd layer: apply a top without a sticky layer.

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