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Smart Candle Bali Sunset 100ml


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How to use SMART Candle:

1) Light the wick, and wait 4-5 minutes (right at this moment, the incredible aroma of MALDIVE perfume covers everything around). During this time, oils naturally melt without heating up.
2) Extinguish the candle, and immediately pour off the liquid nutritious melted oil on the client’s hand or foot (the oil temperature is pleasant, slightly warm, and does not burn). As a choice, you can pour in your own hand first and then massage fragrant and nourishing healing oil into the customer’s skin with massage movements, working around the cuticles or any problem areas, while the oil perfectly penetrates, moisturizes, and feeds the skin.
3) If necessary, blot or pick up excess oil with a paper towel or napkin (do not rub, just blot it).

The whole process is a true SPA luxury treatment, with aroma that penetrates the skin for a long time. SMART components  and what they impact :

  • Shea butter – accelerates blood circulation, this leads to skin rejuvenation and an increase in the formation of collagen and elastin, which increases tissue elasticity
  • Smooths wrinkles (SMART candle is recognized as one of the best natural anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products) due strengthening of regeneration mechanisms, so many kinds of skin damage can heal very quickly;
  • Eliminates or reduces inflammation
  • Moisturizes the skin so that  flaking and dryness disappear
  • Eliminates toxins and free radicals that lead to deterioration of the skin
  • Antiseptic, it destroys pathogenic microflora
  • Eliminates edema
  • Removes age spots;
  • Sesame and grape seed oil will enhance the effect and are natural vitamins for the skin
  • Vitamin E and soybean oil make massage pleasant, providing  heating and silky effect on the skinThe smart candle is particularly suitable for those who lack skin hydration, have dry and peeling flakes, experience tightness & wrinkles, and can even help in complex treatments of eczema and psoriasis.

In Smart Disc Pedicure, this candle can be used as a finishing agent after polishing and in a home treatment to maintain the effect for many months

SMART Candle: a revolution in SPA treatment! Try it once – you are hooked forever.

This is a nourishing, magical, truly SMART candle for hands, feet and body with an incredible, dizzying aroma and qualities, it will take you to MALDIVES!

Comes in jars of 30ml and 100ml

It contains 100% natural and the most nutritious oils and vitamins (shea butter, almond oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil, vitamin E, and scent).

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