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Artylac crack liquid 006 8 ml


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Space purple.
Artylac crack liquid is a liquid that allows you to get artificially aged coatings.

Artylac crack liquid is a liquid that allows you to obtain artificially aged coatings. It is used to decorate nails. Craquelure looks like a cracked layer of paint, through the cracks of which the bottom layer of the coating is visible.

Work technology:
It is used strictly on the sticky layer of gel polish.
The thickness of the layer affects the time and size of the cracks.
It dries in the air, so the application is carried out evenly in one layer like a regular nail polish, it is required to coat in an accelerated mode.
Acceleration of the effect of cracks is possible with the help of polymerization in a Ccfl lamp – 1-2 minutes, in a UV lamp – 2-4 minutes, air, airbrush.
Scope: used for interior decoration (under the top).

Mode of application:
Perform a manicure, apply gel polish to the base. For intense color, it is required to apply to a colored substrate. For a more contrasting effect, it is recommended to apply on a white substrate.
Polymerization depending on recommendations.
Do not remove the stickiness from the coating. Apply a thin, even layer of Crack liquid to the colored finish.
Curing in Ccfl lamp 1-2 min., UV 2-4 min. depending on the layer thickness.
File off the free edge.
Next, cover with the top.

Since the liquid dries in air, there are some tips for use:
Close the cover securely.
Before use, it is necessary to remove the brush from the bottle and wipe the neck with a dampened cloth in an antiseptic. After use, wipe down the base of the brush, the brush itself and the mouth of the bottle so that no Artylac crack liquid remains on it.
Wipe the inside of the cap if necessary.
Take care not to form dry areas of Artylac crack liquid.

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Artylac crack liquid 005 8 ml

Deep burgundy. Artylac crack liquid is a liquid that
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