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Pressed but not depressed by Provocative nails

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Numbers of print – 111

Sliders by provocative nails are made on an ultra thin polymer film on a paper backing. Bright and high-quality printing, trendy and unique designs are always for you.

How to apply sliders:

1. Apply the base and color to nail, cure each layer in under a lamp.

2. Cut the slider

3. Put the slider on a wet cotton pad and soak it for 1 minute

4. While gently removing a slider from the paper base, apply the slider on a nail

5. Gently smooth the surface of the slider by removing the remaining water and air bubbles

6. Cure the slider under the lamp for 1 minute

7. Apply a thin cover of a gel base on the slider, cure under the LED, after that finish with a top coat

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Dimensions 3.7 × 5.7 in

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