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SMART MULTI BOOSTER for Hands and Feet

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Here is how to use:

  • Cuticle remover: place one drop on and around cuticle area and side walls, in 1-2 min push or scrape the soften cuticle tissue off the nail, by working with pusher or orange stick. The cuticle should remove with ease leaving soft and moist skin.
  • Keratolyc for feet: spread booster around rough and hardened/cracked skin of feet, wait for 2-3 min, remove softened skin with a podo disk or rasp. Ideal formula for smart disk work.
  • Removal of Cored Calluses: apply multi booster around callus area, wait for 2-3 min, work around with a smart podo disk in “open crack” technique.

YouTube videos (in Russian)

Comes in a volume of 100ml.

YLM Biotechnologies Co, Ltd. (UK) formula.

SMART Professional Multi Booster: new formula for feet and hands!

Multi Booster is a unique product from company Smart!

Its amazing and multifunctional qualities have already proven their effectiveness in numerous experiments, comparison tests, and use in salons.

Multi Booster is a solution that is used to enhance and accelerate the effect of biologically active elements of other cosmetics. This means that it works deeper, longer, and stronger than many known skin products.

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